Our Vision

Our one pursuit at Grace City Outreach is to love our neighbor. We want to do our part to see a harvest of people discover life in Jesus in Las Vegas. We believe the greatest outreach strategy is to activate people to live out the culture of Jesus in our city. From throwing neighborhood block parties, to hosting bible clubs in public schools, to giving groceries to a family in need at The Flamingo Center, we are pursuing city transformation by engaging our city’s biggest needs with the greatest love.


Love your neighbor as yourself.Jesus

The Flamingo Center

The Flamingo Center is an environment where we seek to know, serve, and love our neighbors who are in need.  We want to empower the community around us to seek health, spiritual wholeness, and foster an environment of change in their lives. We are a family who loves to share what we have, and we do it in these ways:

Our Store

We have a food and clothing store where anyone can shop for free. We offer a week’s worth of groceries, and a stylish collection of quality clothing.

Flamingo Leadership Tract

The Leadership Tract is designed to equip and train indigenous leaders, empowering them to be a catalyst of revival in their community regardless of their circumstances or previous life struggles.

Employment Tract

The Employment Tract helps position people to succeed in finding a job. We offer interview apparel, resumé development, and connectivity to new opportunities within our city.

Flamingo Community Night

We hold a weekly gathering every Wednesday at 6pm at The Flamingo Center for our neighbors. We enjoy a meal together and then have a worship service. We also offer an environment for kids at Community Night.

LOCATION: 1555 E. Flamingo Rd. Ste. 155 OPEN: Monday-Friday
HOURS: 11am-1:30pm

Outreach Events

People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to party, so we began to wonder what it would look like if Jesus threw a party in Las Vegas. We imagined that the event would be filled with free food, a raging good time, life transformation, and pure Love. So we decided this should be the basis for every event we throw in our city. Whether it’s a party in a local park, or an event at a local school, our agenda is to love our neighbors, and have a good time while doing it.


The mission of Grace City is to love the campus of UNLV well and see them awakened to who God is. We do that primarily through our partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We want to see a campus that us doing the following:


We understand and believe that the most powerful and effective way to transform a campus is to get those within the culture to do the transforming. We want to empower students on UNLV’s campus to live out the supernatural. Our heart is to see students saved, living a transformed lifestyle, living a supernatural life, and impacting and revolutionizing the campus around them.


Jesus’ heart was always to seek and save the sons and daughters who were lost and away from home. Likewise, it is our passion to raise up a movement that is determined and focused on reaching the unreached and connecting them into a living relationship with Father God. Our Vision is not just salvations, but disciples of Jesus.


Our focus is empowering students to transform their campus. We want to empower revivalists who make the Kingdom of God the dominant culture in their school; bringing love, joy, and peace into every area of the school.


Ultimately, our dream is that every young person would be transformed into a radical reformer for the rest of his or her life. Reformers are revivalists who bring transformation from the inside out to whatever sphere of society that God places them. Our dream is that in 30 years not only would UNLV be transformed, but also that those radical revivalists would transform every sphere of society!


Our vision is to raise up a generation that reflects the rawness of Jesus. We intentionally have designed our outreach to begin with children. We host Bible Clubs all throughout our city’s public school system. We believe it is vital to begin reaching the next generation for Jesus, and what better way than in their local schools. If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity, within our Bible Clubs, click our “get involved” tab below.
Get Involved

Our Partners

We believe in the power of partnership to reach our city, but we know the thing that holds these partnerships together is friendship. We are excited to call these organizations our friends as we serve alongside them in our city.

Some fun facts

Reached through Our Outreach Events so far in 2016

People Served by Outreach Center a month in 2016

Given to Outreach in 2015

Meals Will Be Served in 2016

We are pursuing city transformation by engaging our city’s biggest needs with the greatest love. Maybe you would like to volunteer at The Flamingo Center, or at one of our events. Maybe you would like to donate food or clothing or give financially. We can’t do this alone; we need you to live an activated missionary lifestyle. Will you join us in this vision by loving your neighbor?